I [primo] is Vieri Cervelli Montel’s debut album, produced by Vieri himself, Alessandro Mazzieri and IOSONOUNCANE, who decided to launch the work as the first catalogue number on his new label Tanca Records.

It’s an autobiographic concept album about childhood, loss, death and remaining life.

The album was composed by Vieri Cervelli Montel and features Nicholas Remondino on prepared drums and percussion, Luca Sguera on piano and synthesizers, Alessandro Mazzieri on electric bass and doublebass, IOSONOUNCANE on synthesizers and voice, plus a brass section made of Jacopo Fagioli on trumpet, flugelhorn and trombone, Francesco Panconesi on tenor saxophone and Federico D’Angelo on baritone saxophone. Francesca Gaza arranged the brass section for the song scale and sings in stanca. The title-track primo features Nicola Manzan on viola and violin.

I [primo] will be released on Tanca Records on the 6th of May, 2022. In the meantime, it is possibile to preorder one of the 300 limited edition hand-numbered white vinyls.

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Vieri Cervelli Montel – I [vinyl front]
Vieri Cervelli Montel – I [vinyl rear]
Vieri Cervelli Montel – I [vinyl front and rear]

I [primo] 300 limited edition hand-numbered white vinyls are available for preorder

risveglio first single of the album

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release date

6 May 2022 on Tanca Records


Vieri Cervelli Montel
Alessandro Mazzieri


Vieri Cervelli Montel


Nicholas Remondino
prepared drums, percussion, synthesizers

Luca Sguera
piano, synthesizers

Alessandro Mazzieri
electric bass, double bass, synthesizers

Francesca Gaza

Jacopo Fagioli
trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone

Francesco Panconesi
tenor saxophone

Federico D’Angelo
baritone saxophone

Nicola Manzan
viola, violin

synthesizers, sampling, cries, voice

Vieri Cervelli Montel
classical guitar, piano, synthesizers, trumpet, sampling, harmoniser, voice


Andrea Fognini
at Edac Studio, Fino Mornasco (Como)


Giovanni Versari
at La Maestà, Tredozio (Forlì-Cesena)


Vieri Cervelli Montel

Vieri Cervelli Montel – risveglio [artwork]