Almeno tu nell’universo

Almeno tu nell’universo

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One day IOSONOUNCANE heard me playing it for fun, and asked me to make a version in a month. It took me a while to understand that he meant it, but going back home I felt that I trusted his idea and that same night I started arranging.

A month later we had completed the recordings, partly together in Bruno Germano’s studio in Bologna, partly divided between Florence, Amsterdam and a little church outside Milan where Luca Sguera played the pipe organ.

The organ was the first instrument I started writing for, with the idea of ​​sculpting the miraculous compositional material of the piece, stripping it of any aesthetic dictated by the fashion of the moment it came out, and enhancing its sacred character and timeless power.

All the rest was recorded with my mates Nicholas Remondino on prepared drums, Alessandro Mazzieri and IOSONOUNCANE on synthesizers, Luca Sguera on organ, piano and synthesizers, and finally Cosimo Fiaschi on soprano saxophone. I played more synthesizers, a harmoniser, and sang in memory of one of the most sensitive voices in the history of Italian songs, Mia Martini, who first sang it in 1989.

Almeno tu nell’universo studio version

Almeno tu nell’universo live for Livezero at Deposito Zero, Forlì, Italy

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release date

3 June 2021


Vieri Cervelli Montel
Alessandro Mazzieri


Maurizio Fabrizio (music)
Bruno Lauzi (words)


Nicholas Remondino
prepared drums

Alessandro Mazzieri

Luca Sguera
organ, piano, synthesizers

Cosimo Fiaschi
soprano saxophone

breaths, synthesizers

Vieri Cervelli Montel
harmoniser, synthesizers, voice


Alessandro Mazzieri
at Wisseloord Studios, Amsterdam


Giovanni Versari
at La Maestà, Tredozio (Forlì-Cesena)


Vieri Cervelli Montel

Vieri Cervelli Montel – Almeno tu nell'universo [artwork]